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Casita Copán works to prevent child abandonment by nurturing vulnerable and orphaned children and supporting single mothers.

2015 Milestones



Children transitioned out of institutional care


"Casitas" or family-style homes created


Foster moms dedicated to raising kids into adulthood

2015 Milestones

We Opened our Casitas!

In April we opened three Casitas or permanent homes for orphaned children. So what’s so special about our Casitas? A Casita is a real home, a special place where children feel safe, loved, and cared for. A place they can call their own. Each Casita is home to four or five children and one or two foster moms. This model of family style care has been proven to be safer and healthier than the traditional model of institutional care. We have already seen drastic improvements in the children’s physical and mental health and look forward to seeing even more progress.

Reconnecting Families

It is essential to a child’s healthy development that they understand where they come from. We believe in maintaining family relationships as long as it is safe and in the best interest of the child. For families that have been separated, Casita Copán provides a safe space where biological mothers can meet with their children to share quality time, stories, and affection. These visits give the children a chance to learn more about their heritage while allowing us to get to know their mothers and support them whenever we can.

Supporting Working Moms

We stand in solidarity with working moms and do our best to provide the services, empathy, and respect that they deserve. In 2015, our monthly “Moms’ Meetings” focused on topics such as building self-esteem, handling discipline in the home, and communicating in a healthy way. We continued our adult literacy program and added a sewing program for girls and their moms three evenings a week. We also continue to provide quality daycare so moms can trust that while they are working, their children are in good hands.



Children enrolled in Children's Center


Age range of kids at Casita Copan


Hours of educational programming

Educational Priorities

Early Intervention

The first years of a child’s life are crucial for physical and mental development. When a child receives the nutrition, medical attention, and loving care that they need at an early age, they develop healthier immune systems, better communication abilities, and stronger reasoning skills. This early attention leads to a much greater chance of success in positive social and emotional development and academic achievement. Currently, 10 children are enrolled in our early childhood program.

Social & Emotional Learning

At Casita, we focus on the whole child. While academic learning is essential, children also need to learn to communicate, to get along with others, to cope with their emotions, and to analyze situations and make smart decisions. Our Casita kids participate in daily meetings where they share their feelings, express support for their classmates, and manage behavioral issues in a positive way. Children also participate in weekly classes of Reading, Math, English, Art, and Science and receive daily homework help.

Job Readiness

This year we launched a “Staff in Training” program for adolescents to learn real life work skills while earning a scholarship to high school. Each “practicante” or participating young adult worked during school vacation as assistants to our teachers, maintenance, and cooking staff. The practicantes quickly became invaluable members of our team and impressed their peers and staff with their dedication, responsibility, and drive. Each practicante earned a full scholarship to high school and continue to work part-time at Casita after school.



Nutritional meals served


Cost to make a nutritional meal


Gallons of clean water consumed

Our Focus Areas

Focus on Nutrition

We have seen first-hand the power of good nutrition. Our kids enjoy daily meals, snacks, vitamins and a steady supply of clean water. With their nutritional needs provided for, we have seen a drastic reduction in preventable illnesses and major improvements in attention span, energy, and academic achievement.

Special Needs Support

Everyone is welcome at Casita Copán. Many of our children struggle with emotional issues and some suffer from developmental disorders and chronic medical conditions. But no matter what, they find the support, individualized care, and respect they need and deserve.

Teaching Good Hygiene

When children don't practice proper hygiene, they are at risk for illness, dental problems, and judgement from their peers. Our "tios" and "tias" teach our children the importance of good hygiene and encourage them to practice these techniques daily both at Casita and in their own homes.


Community Spotlight

"Black & White" Gala in Copán Ruinas

2015 Community Projects

Children's Day

Every year on September 10, we celebrate our anniversary and “Día del Niño”, a Latin American holiday dedicated to children. This year, we invited the children from Nueva Estanzuela, a nearby village, to share the day with us. Our children made cards and gifts for the students from Nueva Estanzuela and we all shared in a delicious meal, tons of games and activities, and even a visit from a clown!

Service Projects

We believe it is essential to teach our children to be good citizens and learn to serve others. We challenge our children to look around them and find opportunities to give back. This year, we held a fundraiser and community building activity for our local library in the central park. The kids sold food, led activities and games, and raised about $350 that they then donated to the local library.

Coffee that Counts

We are proud to partner with local coffee and cheese company San Rafael Coffee Roasters. This family-owned business supports Casita Copán through special events, holiday promotions, and the “Casita Coffee” program. Through this program, kids decorate bags of coffee and San Rafael generously donates $1 for every bag of coffee sold.


We love artists.

This year, we filled Casita with color and had a blast doing it.

Our Artist Friends


A native of Honduras, Santos is a talented artist who lives and works in California. Santos came to Honduras in 2015 to film a documentary about the record number of child immigrants arriving in the U.S. from Central America. Santos visited children’s homes throughout the country to interview staff and children and along the way filmed his journey and left a lasting gift at each home: a colorful and unique mural. You can check out Santos and his art here.

Phillip Martin

Known by teachers around the world for his multicultural clip art, Phillip Martin loves Copán Ruinas and was excited to share a colorful and educational mural with Casita Copán. The best part? He let the kids do most of the work! Over the course of an exciting (and exhausting) week, Phillip and the kids completed a stunning mural in the entryway of Casita. You can check out more of Phillip’s art and the murals he creates around the world here.

Genesis Art Classes

Genesis Community of the Arts has been partnering with Casita for two years now, providing weekly visual arts classes to our school age children. Genesis is a Canadian based organization with a mission to establish sustainable arts programs in marginalized communities around the world by bringing together a community of artists and mobilizing them to share their gifts through education. You can learn more about Genesis here.


Organizational Growth

Expense Breakdown


Number of Monthly Supporters


Raised from Individual Donors


Fundraising Goal for 2016


We can't thank you enough for believing in us and supporting the children and families of Casita Copán.


Hall of Fame

Community Partners

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Thank you to everyone else who has supported Casita Copán. We couldn't do this without you!

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2015 Year in Review

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